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Art Works

We enthusiastically collaborate at all stages of renovations and new builds with visual components and design that reflects each of our clients own branding and identity. For the best results consider planning artwork in the early stages of your interiors project. Artwork is more than just a finishing touch, it defines an atmosphere and communicates without saying a word.

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Corporate Artwork & Office Art

Along with planting and scenting, we use artwork to stimulate the senses, to engage, inspire, connect and to help businesses grow.

Our range of striking artwork includes pictures taken by renowned photographers from around the world which artfully capture the beauty and sophistication of our cities and landscapes throughout the world. Wherever you hang them, our artwork range creates a stunning focal point for everyone to enjoy.

  • Framed Art
  • Acoustic Art - Sound Insulation
  • Knotweed control
  • Herbicide Application (weed killing)
  • Hedge and Shrub pruning and trimming
  • Turfing and lawn care
  • Security rocks supply and installation

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