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Server Environment Monitoring

Our Server Environment Monitoring alerts you to check conditions in the server room, datacenter or other sensitive environment for any kind of the security probes. Monitor the physical environment, receive alerts on unauthorised intruders, security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages, power outages, etc. With the help of sophisticated notification system you can even schedule automatic actions such as Server Shutdowns, and using expansion units you can have up to 500 sensors.

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Monitor Networks, Server Rooms & Data Centers

Environmental Monitors enable you to keep an eye on remote conditions in critical areas for environmental factors including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, door position, power and much more. Get alerts for abnormal conditions via Email, SMS & SNMP traps.

  • Climate Monitors
  • Digital Sensors
  • Analog Sensors
  • Accessories
  • IP Surveillance Cameras
  • Console Aggregator

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