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Garden Lighting

ESquare provides a dazzling range of colours and products that create all sorts of atmospheres and ambience to perfectly enhance your plantings and landscape. The range of effects you can achieve is extensive and with todays switch systems you can create a range of schemes and scenes to suit particular moods, times of day or even seasons of the year; we'll guide you through all the possibilities to help take your garden to the next level!

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Outdoor & Garden Lighting Installation Effects

Whether you're looking at a new build, renovation or expansion we're will support you to design a beautiful night time environment using the latest technology and systems

  • Uplighting - Gives exciting emphasis to trees and plants with appropriate lighting discreetly placed
  • Washing - Gives plain walls a soft and warmed texture and helps emphasise climbing plants.
  • Down Lighting - Spotlights mounted at height create a pool of light on seating and eating areas, patios and driveways, or they can simply show off favourite plants, features and flower beds.
  • Moonlighting - Various spotlights are placed high in trees to shine down through leafy branches creating a shimmering moonlit effect on the floor below.
  • Mirroring - An interesting effect where a mirror image is created on a pool of water; such as a reflection of a garden statue, distinctive plant, tree or even your dining area!
  • Shadowing - Trees, plants and ornaments can be illuminated to create soft and romantic shadows across walls
  • Step lights - Gently but safely illuminate steps and walkways around your garden

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