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Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems allow you to know who is at the door before you open, providing additional peace of mind and security. ESQuare implements 2-way intercom system for home and office, which allows you to view callers at the door, speak with them, before you let them in

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Door Entry Video Systems - Extra security with a Video Intercom

We offer an impressive range of audio and video door entry telephones incorporating the features and functions demanded by the expanding door entry systems and access control markets.

  • For homes, apartments, offices etc
  • Like audio intercom systems, video/audio intercoms may be installed outside or inside a home or place of business
  • In addition to clear sound, video/audio intercoms offer sharp images, made possible by an audio and video transmitter and receiver in a single cabinet
  • Unlike audio intercom systems, the advantage is that users can see potential visitors and other conversation partners, which creates more security and increased peace of mind.
  • ESquare offers video/audio intercom systems with innovative features such as color imagery, video memory, and pan, tilt and zoom views.
  • New smartphone and tablet application that works with a video intercom system and series of cameras to provide video intercom services via a mobile device

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