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Structured Cabling

The proliferation of mobile devices, hi-tech systems and increasingly hi-spec applications is putting huge demands on existing IT infrastructure across businesses today. As bandwidth demands grow and power consumption goes through the roof, companies are increasingly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency, cut costs, while increasing performance and maximising uptime.

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Improve Energy Efficiency, Performance and Uptime

Old outdated networks can leak money and restrict growth. Hybrid solutions, at best, offer variable uptime and time consuming fault diagnosis. Structured Cabling provides a vastly simplified network infrastructure and offers major savings in maintenance costs and operational efficiency. Whether you are building a new site from scratch or upgrading an existing infrastructure - ESQuare can help

Creating the Intelligent Building

Structured Cabling provides a single unified solution that encompasses data, voice and video allowing all building systems to use the same infrastructure - vastly reducing costs. Now CCTV, Access Control, Security, RF/Wireless for networking and asset tracking, and Building Management Systems (BMS) can be integrated into single management hub for central control and monitoring - creating a truly intelligent building.

Network Health Checks

With bandwidth demand set to grow 100-fold in the next four years the majority of existing IT infrastructures will not cope. A lot of networks have grown by evolution, with add-ons as necessary. This mix restricts growth. At ESquare we have the skills and diagnostic capabilities to assess your existing network and bring all components in line with modern networking standards.

Also, by utilising the latest copper or fibre optic cabling, ESquare can provide a sound platform on which to base any future bandwidth development, while at the same time, reducing energy consumption, and improving cooling - so critical in today's data centre.

World-Class Solutions

Our installations cover aerospace, retail, education, logistics, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, education and the financial markets. Our highly accredited engineers, project managers, and continual training resource all aim to provide you with the network that meets your current and future business needs.

  • Voice & Data Network Cabling
  • Ethernet & Fibre Optic Installations
  • Wireless Networks
  • Electrical Services
  • Audio-Visual Cabling
  • Ducting & Containment
  • Rack Enclosures & Cabinets
  • IP Network Design & Installation
  • IP Network Maintenance & Health Checks

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