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Plumbing Services

We offer all types of general plumbing works to the highest standard, for both domestic and commercial properties.

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Drainage Piping & Fitting | Sanitary | Water Supply System

We provide the following general plumbing works:

  • Drainage Piping & Fitting
  • UPVC & HDPE installation Works
  • Floor Drain Trap, Gully Trap & Rain Water Outlets
  • Manholes & Accessories
  • Sanitary Wares Installation Wash Basin, Water Closet, Urinal, Bath Tab, Kitchen Sink
  • Water Supply System Cold & Hot Water PPR Piping, Roof & Riser Piping, Isolating Valves, Pex Piping
  • Water Supply Equipments Installation Water Heaters, Water Tanks, Water Meters Booster Pumps, Transfer Pumps

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